Who am I, anyway?
I'm a programmer and an author of a number of programming books, including C++: A Dialog, Who's Afraid of Java?, and Optimizing C++.

My latest project is a new book, Retirement Life Insurance:  How Much is Needed to Optimize Retirement Spending, coming soon from DeGruyter and Amazon.
The web site for this project is, where you can download the free Rhino Retirement Analyzer program.

  I live in a country house in East Texas with my wife, Susan, who has posted a lot of pictures on flickr, such as:

If you are interested in purchasing any of her photos, email me. I went to Shimer College, and like some other alumni of that school, on occasion I take up causes. Mine include the Golden Rule, and helping a man who prevented a nuclear war.
Any questions? Email me.

Otherwise, let's get to the important stuff, starting with:
starA glossary of programming terms

C++: A Dialog

C++: A Dialog, formerly published by Prentice-Hall, is a highly effective tutorial book on standard C++ that requires no prior knowledge of programming.

Publication rights for this book are now available again. Please email me if you are interested in acquiring these rights.

This book is currently not available online other than as a Kindle book, due to the requirements of Kindle KDP Select publishing.

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Who's Afraid of Java?

To read sample chapters of this book, click the picture of the book below.

For the complete source code from the original version of the book, click here.

I have not had a chance to try out the source code on a recent Java compiler. If you have the opportunity to do so, please let me know how it works. I would be very grateful for any corrections and updates needed to get it to work with a current Java compiler.

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Who's Afraid of Java?

Optimizing C++

An online version of Optimizing C++, the greatly revised third edition of Efficient C/C++ Programming, is now available free! Over a third of this edition is new material, the centerpiece being a new sorting algorithm for very large files that works well with relatively limited memory. There is also much more detail in the coverage of the quantum file access method, and all the code has been updated to compile with the C++ draft standard as of the date of publication. The CD-ROM in the back of the book contains all the source code as well as a new version of the DJGPP compiler and an accompanying integrated development environment called RHIDE. If you have optimization problems with C++ programs, this is the book for you. By the way, I've received a letter from a reader indicating that his employer has saved a great deal of money as a result of his using the techniques in an earlier edition of this book!

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Obsolete books

  • Learning to Program in C++

All of these books are obsolete and have been superseded by C++: A Dialog. I recommend switching to that book, which is not currently available online, but can be borrowed via the Kindle borrowing program.

Softpanorama: an excellent site for discussions of open source software and many other topics
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My Amateur Radio page
A discussion group for my readers
An explanation of the hexadecimal numbering system
For a copy of my resume, please email me.

Other news and information

I have received an amateur radio license. My call sign (by no coincidence at all) is WACPP.

If you need a copy of one of my books for review purposes (e.g., for classroom use or to write a review to be published in some medium), please email me.

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You can send me email by clicking here. If you are writing about one of my books, please indicate somewhere in your message which of my books you're referring to!

Pictures from our 1997 European trip
Where we spent part of our 1997 European vacation  
How to write a program (from Who's Afraid of C++?)
The Foreword from Who's Afraid of C++?
The Preface from Who's Afraid of C++?

Click on the cover picture for detailed information on The Java Training Guide, the multimedia edition of Who's Afraid of Java?.

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