Reader comments on Who's Afraid of Java?

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#: 20793 S0/CompuServe Mail  [MAIL]
    16-Jan-98  08:00:03
Sb: Reviews, comments, and assorted stuff
Fm: "Jay Case" >
To: Steve Heller [71101,1702]

  In response to your e-mail requesting to use my comments in or on
another printing of your book, please be my guest.  Would you like some
more, like "Fantastic", "Wonderful", "Cheap at twice the price"?

  All joking aside, I am now about half of the way through my first pass
at the book "Who's afraid of JAVA?", and can honestly say that it is one
of the easiest books I have read purely for education.  It has made
learning a new language a breeze.  I have programmed in both BASIC, and
LISP and many of the concepts that you covered were something I already
knew.  You made it easy to re-learn things I already knew, and helped
fill a couple of gaps that had appeared over the years.  Please keep up
the good work.

  On a personal side, (and you started it in your book).
Congratulations on your new bride.  She has obviously served you well in
the writing of this book.  May the two of you have many happy years

  Now, about your question regarding writing a review for
How would I go about doing such a thing.  I would be honored to review
you book if you will just tell me how I would go about doing it.

  Thank you for writing back.  I had not really expected to hear from
you, as I considered my e-mail to be one of hundreds you must get on a
regular basis.  You made my day when I got home from work to find my
wife had printed out your letter for me.

  I hope you do write a book on Assembly Language.  There is so much I
want to learn about it, and your book on JAVA has shown me that I will
be able to understand the concepts you will need to teach.

Thanks again,

Jay F. Case


#: 16614 S0/CompuServe Mail  [MAIL]
    13-Oct-97  21:30:25
Sb: I'm still afraid of java, but not as much
To: Steve Heller [71101,1702]

hi, i'm taking a class on computer programming and the java book the 
college supplied really confused me.  Someone suggested that i go to the 
bookstore and look for some other java texts to help.  I sat on the floor 
of Barnes and Nobles for about an hour and read a few pages of each java 
book that caught my attention.  I must say, that the Who's Afraid is 
Java, is the best to understand and follow.  Also, it has a sense of 
humor which makes it more enjoyable.  i just wanted to let you know that 
maybe now i'll pass my computer programming class.  oh and congrats on 
your marriage and have a good time in europe.  avani patel


 #: 16478 S0/CompuServe Mail  [MAIL]
     08-Oct-97  13:03:17
 Sb: Meeting in Switzerland
 To: Steve Heller [71101,1702]

Hello Mr. Heller,

I am a 25 years old German paramedic living in Hamburg / Germany.
When I decided to learn the magic way of computer-programming, I first
decided to learn Java, but how ?
After a few attempts to get in to the stuff with different books, I
stumbled about your "Who's Afraid of Java"-Book.
Since I am very enthusiastic about this book I would like to meet you


Yours sincerely,

Lars Barckow :-)

#: 14286 S0/CompuServe Mail  [MAIL]
    16-Aug-97  01:57:21
Sb: Who's Afraid of Java?
Fm: "Emily B. Kim" >
To: Steve Heller [71101,1702]

I was just at the local bookstore looking for a good beginner's book on
Java and I ran across yours. I wanted to let you both know that I was
really drawn into the book by your "Preface" and "Letter from a Novice."
Not only were they well written, informative, and entertaining, but ---
excuse the corniness --- sweet, too! From my quick skim through the book,
they also seem to be a good quality indicator for the rest of the book.

You must get a TON of e-mail from your readers, so I hope you don't mind me
being a little long-winded. I was just very impressed by your relationship.
I hope you don't think I'm too forward. 


You both seemed down to earth and the type of people who would
appreciate some positive feedback. (BTW, it was the Dave Barry comment
on Susan's Web page that convinced me you were cool people.)

I just co-authored my first book --- a college-level introductory textbook
about the Internet (to be published this month by Addison Wesley! :). I did
some technical editing work for my co-author on another AW book and we hit
it off really well. When she was offered another book, she asked me if I
would like to co-author it with her. Your relationship struck me as being
similar to mine with her (minus the falling-in-love-with-the-author part).
We worked EXTREMELY well together and we plan to do many more projects
together in the future.

I know how hard it is to work with a writer when you're tech editing
his work...some of them can get pretty testy! I just wanted to
congratulate you two on a job well done. I really look forward to
learning java from this book!


ps...BTW, congratulations on your marriage. You got married on my birthday!

Emily B. Kim
Paper Tiger
25958 Genesee Trail Rd. Unit K323
Golden, CO 80401
(303) 526-1981


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