European trip pictures

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Luzern and Rigi

View from Mt. Rigi in the mist

A panoramic view from Pension Panorama

Nestled fall colors

Fall in Luzern

An oriental-looking scene in Luzern

A postcard view of Lake Luzern

Houses in Luzern from the watchtower in the Glacier Garden

Mt. Pilatus over a mirrored lake Luzern

A giant pothole from the Glacier Garden, Luzern

The famous tower of Luzern

A duck in Glacier Park, Luzern

Steve and Kurt (the owner of Pension Panorama)

The exercise program at Pension Panorama


A porcelain watch case in the Horological Museum in Geneva

A fountain in Geneva

Steve and an ancient computer at CERN

Susan at the famous Geneva flower clock


Beauty at sunset in Rome

Another glorious sunset

Vines on a wall in Rome

In the Borghese Gardens, Rome

Steve with new friends Sam and Jaya, in Rome

Fall colors at the Museum of Modern Art, Rome

A panoramic view of Rome

The view from Sam's apartment in Rome

Susan in the Borghese Gardens

The Temple of Dionysius in Borghese Garden

A not-so-ancient mystery of Roman plumbing


A ship on the sea in Formia, Italy

Steve and Sam

Surf at Formia


Columns in Pompeii

Pompeii with Vesuvius in the background

Two shadows in Pompeii

Other Switzerland

Valley and mountains

Clouds over the mountain

The mountains through fog

A Christmas card view

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