Letters about Steve Heller's Amateur Radio Pages

Dear Steve,

I have given much thought to what I might bring to my ("NEW")
community, in the event y2k is as catastrophic as it looks at this
point. I have secured a wonderful farm, nesteled in the Valley between
the George Washington Mountains, and the Blue Ridge, less than a mile
from the Shennedoa River. I have stocked, and prepared this farm to
substain my family forever, if need be.

I have stocked up on Non-Hybrid seed, toliet paper, waste disposal,
and other essentials to support my neighbors, and community, and for
barter purposes. I have enrolled myself in medical classes, and put
together an extensive library. Even with all this I have felt that
something was missing, if you know what I mean.

You can purchase (diesel) generators, dig extra wells (hand pump),
install cisterns, purchase enough food to feed 8 adults for 5 years,
install solar back up, massive fire power (if needed), you name it,
and I probably have 2 of them, maybe even 3. I purchased 20,000 mason
jar lids alone. You got the picture at this point ???

Leave it to North to broadcast your page, the light went off, I new on
the spot, that this skill would help fill the void I have been trying
to fill.

I will be pursuing a Ham-radio licence with the same intensity, that I
have given to y2k. 

Steve, thank you for putting together this site, it was exactly what I
needed, and looking for. You are to be commended. 

All the best,

Dave A.

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