Who's Afraid of Java?

Who's Afraid of Java? - the WWW version

ISBN: 0-12-339101-6

Copyright 1997, 1996 by AP Professional

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I'd like to thank all those readers who have posted reviews of my books on Amazon.com for helping me make the transition to full-time writing.

I'd also like to thank Sam Porter and Kurt Matti, our hosts on our honeymoon in Europe, for all the hospitality they showed us, most especially for letting us use their telephone lines for our email.

Of course, I'm deeply indebted to Eric Raymond for his wonderful foreword; I can only hope that you and my other readers like this book as well as he does!

Besides those who have directly helped me with this book, I'd like to acknowledge two of the greatest benefactors of mankind in general and myself in particular. The first of these is the greatest writer I know, Ayn Rand. She had the ability to explain complex philosophical concepts in language so simple that anyone could understand them; if I can explain programming half as clearly, I will consider myself a great success. Even more important, she laid the foundation for solving what is possibly the greatest conundrum of philosophy: how to connect what is with what ought to be.

Finally, I want to thank L. Ron Hubbard for his discoveries and inventions in the field of the mind and spirit. Even a small fraction of his myriad contributions to knowledge would qualify him for the first rank of friends of mankind; in total, they elevate him without question to the top of the list.

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