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Update: Please click here to view many of the photos I have taken from our time in Florida and after we returned home to Texas.

Welcome to my homepage where you can find a developing travelog of my life. Right now my husband Steve and I are living in Orlando Florida. This is unfortunate because we have a home in Texas, which we hope to return to soon. Until then, I am exploring new territory.

This is me-

on one of my expeditions into the wilds of Florida. Here you see me tangling with a 'gator. After living nearly 5 years in the badlands of East Texas, I can deal with nearly any type of critter. You see my outdoor experience has prepared me nicely for the challenges of Florida's outback.

One of the things I hadn't prepared for was Florida's very lush flora. Here I am getting a little over my head so to speak, in some tall Florida grass. This is one thing that Florida can do better than Texas- grow tall grass.

But if you were to think that was dangerous, just wait until nightfall. I have discovered creatures that light the sky and roar so loud that their sound can be heard for miles.

Actually this was a Delta 2 rocket launched August 25, 2003 from Cape Canaveral. The photos were taken from about 5 miles from the launch pad.

At least one other creature left only a footprint of its final journey...

...never to return

The space Shuttle "Columbia" January 16, 2003

Yet another outing, this time in the Tampa Bay area, took me to this place.

Upper Tampa Bay Park

It is wetlands and salt marshes in the Upper Tampa Bay Park.

This site is currently under construction. In other words, I am just learning how to do this. Check back because each day I should be adding more. To contact me please click here.